Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Literary Field Trip!

Massachusetts Teenager Creates and Installs Public Art Exhibit Inspired by
the Poems of Emily Dickinson

Assembled at a Turner Falls church, the houses are now on museum land (above).
Matthew Cavanaugh for The Boston Globe
Assembled at a Turner Falls church, the houses are now on museum land.
Poetry lovers, and particularly adoring readers of poet Emily Dickinson, should take note of Massachusetts student Peter Krasznekewicz's public art debut, "...a blend of installation art, literary analysis, and architecture," which is now on display on the Emily Dickinson Museum property in Amherst, Massachusetts. 

"Krasznekewicz’s “Little White House Project” is a collection of 34 houses, each about the size of a family sedan, displayed on the museum’s 3 acres and extending about 2 acres beyond to public and private properties. Each house is made from sustainably harvested wood and features a line from a Dickinson poem; a word or two is stenciled on each of its four outer walls and the roof panels. The shape of the house is a reflection of the traditional New England barns that dot the Western Massachusetts landscape, the region Dickinson was obsessed with and inspired by."

Learn more about this student's inspiring project in the Boston Globe article "Homing in on Dickinson's poems" by Globe correspondent Liza Weisstuch.