Monday, June 25, 2007

American Library Association Washington DC Conference 2007:The BUZZ

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Great Family Field Trip!
David Macaulay:
The Art of Drawing Architecture
at the National Building Museum
in Washington DC

Author, illustrator and NCBLA Board Member David Macaulay's illustration exhibits are as innovate, witty, and as educational as his books. His new exhibit in Washington DC at the National Building Museum features finished illustrations from his many publications, and also includes preliminary sketches and drawings that reveal his thinking and work process. The exhibit is laced with Macaulay's humor: hand drawn rats pop up on walls, tables are covered with fresh Macaulay drawings, and exhibited work also includes illustrations from Great Moments in Architecture and Motel of Mysteries, early books which use visual humor provocatively to ask larger cultural questions.

The exhibit is interactive for both kids and adults inviting participation, delighting the eye. And as all Macaulay books do, the exhibit challenges the viewer to look at the world from a variety of new perspectives.

The Art of Drawing Architecture
National Building Museum: June 23, 2007- January 21, 2008
Washington DC
For hours and directions and more information about the
National Building Museum go to:
Sick Leave Apologies

Apologies to all: this blogger has been absent due to battling pneumonia.
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