Thursday, February 8, 2007


In Five Years The New York Times will be Published Solely in an Electronic Format

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As advocates who link literacy, critical thinking, and universal information access to responsibility citizenship in a democracy we must pose a few questions:
Will newspapers going totally electronic increase readership?
What happens to members of our society, young and old, who do not have electronic access to print information?
Libraries are the only place that all of our citizens have free access to the Internet. Will they be able to fulfill that need as it grows on current local, state, and federal funding?
Do we- young and old-digest, internalize, and assess informational text on an electronic screen in the same way that we digest traditional printed information?
Will information sources become even more consolidated, giving us fewer viewpoints?
How will this affect the continuing education of all our citizens? How will this effect the decisions and actions we make and take as individuals and as a nation?

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