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New York Times Book Review Recommends Our White House as one of the Eight Best Gift Books of the Year on Martha Stewart’s Show!

New York Times Book Review,
Martha Stewart Show
Our White House
as one of the Eight Best Gift Books of the Year!

Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out was recommended by Sam Tanenhaus, editor of The New York Times Book Review as one of the 8 Best Gifts Books of the Year on the Martha Stewart Show. Tanenhaus mentioned that with an exciting presidential inauguration in a just a few weeks, that Our White House would be an great choice for a gift book selection. The NCBLA, with the talents of 108 esteemed contributors, created Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out for young people and adults to read and discuss together. It is a creative effort by the NCBLA to promote both literacy and historical literacy, and is a pertinent book in time when inspired presidential leadership is of great import to us all!

Our White House has been named one of the Best Books of the Year for Young People by The Horn Book Magazine, Publisher’s Weekly, School Library Journal, and Amazon Editor’s Choice!

The Horn Book Magazine, a starred review!

“Of far more durable interest, and with something for adults and children alike, is the sumptuous new anthology Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out, compiled by the National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance. More than one hundred essays, poems, short stories, and paintings explore the White House and its inhabitants, history, and significance. . . .A fascinating, eminently browsable, and accessible entrance into the People’s House. "

And . . . .

"Starting from the ground up with the construction of the President’s House and first residents John and Abigail Adams, these voices and images, roughly chronologically arranged, recognize those living and working inside and those observing from the outside. Unique bits and pieces (including Jefferson’s fascination with fossils and William Henry Harrison’s purchase of a national cow) create a browser’s dream as readers explore the nooks and crannies of American history.”

From School Library Journal, a starred review:

“The pairing of words and art is often inspired, as in Maybelle Mayer’s paper doll cutouts from 1938 that accompany Nancy Willard’s poem about White House dresses. There are powerful visual moments as well, such as the dazzling series of spreads featuring visual interpretations of Roosevelt’s "Four Freedoms," each by a different artist. . . Some readers will progress straight through from Jane Yolen’s imagined conversation between John and Abigail Adams to the first National Book Festival in 2001, while others may browse and jump about; either way, this entertaining introduction to the White House is full of fascinating information, challenging ideas, and appealing artwork. "

Publisher's Weekly,a starred review-

"Among the most provocative entries are works by artists who “look in” on the White House with a demonstrably personal vision: David Small shares color sketches of “backstairs at the White House,” a study in contrasts; Bob Kolar arranges the presidents as if on a board game, with clever annotations (who knew President Arthur held a yard sale while in office?); Peter Sís supplies 37 characteristically enigmatic portraits to illustrate freedom to worship. . . . the volume makes the invaluable point that history does not have to be remote or abstract, but a personal and ongoing engagement."

From Amazon’s Editors—Best Books for 2008!

“Our White House: Looking in, Looking Out is an astounding collection featuring more than 100 award-winning children's book authors and illustrators. It is much more than a history about the home and office of U.S. presidents and their families. . . . . Among the book's most captivating features are the "illustration essays" which feature stories or ideas rendered completely through pictures. Notable examples include David Small's sketch journal "Backstairs at the White House,"depicting all the people who work in the house and keep it running, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt's "Four Freedoms" speech illustrated by Calef Brown, Peter Sis, Ed Young, and Stephen Alcorn.
Our White House will likely be a favorite of children--and adults-who love presidential trivia, historical facts, and old stories. Children who weren't White House buffs already will surely be drawn into this colorful, fun history of an iconic building that simultaneously tells the story of the United States. “

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And be sure to check out the NCBLA's companion educational website for Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out to download a President-elect Barack Obama sticker to finish the OWH Book Presidential timeline!!!!

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