Friday, December 19, 2008

Maguire's Beautiful Christmas Story on NPR!

NBCLA Board Member Gregory Maguire Pens a Poignant Christmas Tale for National Public Radio's All Things Considered!

Every year, NPR asks a writer to compose an original story with a Christmas theme. This year, Gregory Maguire reinvents the Hans Christian Andersen classic "The Little Match Girl" for a new time and new audiences.

"Matchless" will be posted in three parts over three days; Part 2 will be posted on Dec. 18, Parts 3 and 4 on Dec. 19. The entire work, as read by Gregory Maguire, will be broadcast on All Things Considered on Dec. 25.

A Wonderful Family Activity for the Holiday Season!

To read "Matchless," go to:

And check out NPR's home page for great book gift suggestions! Go to:

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