Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Presidents are Dads, Too!

Dads, and Presidents, 
Make Great Reading Role Models!

President Barack Obama reading to kids at the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday!

President George H.W. Bush, father and grandfather, reading aloud to kids at the White House during his tenure.

And below, Abraham Lincoln reading a book with his youngest son Tad, in a what may be the first photo of a President reading with a child.

Father's Story
by Elizabeth Madox Roberts 

We put more coal on the big red fire,
And while we are waiting for dinner to cook,
Our father comes and tells us about
A story that he has read in a book.

And Charles and Will and Dick and I
And all of us but Clarence are there.
And some of us sit on Father’s legs,
But one has to sit on the little red chair.

And when we are sitting very still,
He sings us a song or tells a piece;
He sings Dan Tucker Went to Town,
Or he tells about the golden fleece.

He tells about the golden wool,
And some of it is about a boy
Named Jason, and about a ship,
And some is about a town called Troy.

And while he is telling or singing it through,
I stand by his arm, for that is my place.
And I push my fingers into his skin
To make little dents in his big rough face.

Dads Everywhere! April is Poetry Month! Take time to share a book, or a poem, with your kids!