Tuesday, April 13, 2010

National Library Week April 11 - 17

Celebrate National Library Week- Visit your Library!

Think library and think more than books. Today's library is not the library of old. It's the new community center. Of course, you can still grab a book, nestle down in a comfy chair, and travel to middle earth, be chased by villains, eaten by witches, or fall in love. But that's only part of what's available to you at your local library.

Libraries are a treasure chest of resources and activities for people of all ages. For adults, you might find lectures, community meetings, or classes. For kids, there might be book clubs, movies, or story time. Just go online to view what's up at your library or walk through the door. You'll be amazed at what's going on.

And don't forget the librarians! They are the masters of the library. Ask them to recommend a good mystery or funny tale and they'll know exactly where to send you. Ask about internet access or an upcoming event and they'll have the answers.

National Library Week honors libraries, librarians, and library workers across the country. Check your local library for activities that celebrate this wonder institution and its dedicated employees. Next time you want fun, entertainment, and information-think LIBRARY!

A Library is a National Treasure!