Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Exquisite Corpse Adventure Mystery Author Contest: Clues #7 and 8

Can Your Class Guess the Identity of the Team Corpse MYSTERY AUTHOR?

Play Twenty Questions with other Exquisite Corpse Adventure readers around the country to help identify The Mystery Author!

Every class that solves the mystery and emails in the correct guess will be entered into a drawing to win a collection of books valued at over $500 for their classroom or library, plus a phone conversation with The Mystery Author! One classroom winner will be chosen at random from all correct entries received.

Teachers and Librarians, consider making this contest a game with the young people you work with. Play Twenty Questions in class, discuss the possibilities as a group, or have each student write his or her guess on a piece of paper and put it in jar. You can pull out the guesses at random and discuss how each author's name fits the clues so far.

Here's Today's Clues:
Clue #7
What is the Mystery Author's sibling status within his or her family?
A.) The Mystery Author is a twin like the protagonists in The Exquisite Corpse Adventure.
B.) The Mystery Author is an only child.
C.) The Mystery Author is one of several kids in the family.

Clue #8
Where did the Mystery Author live when he or she was a poor young aspiring writer?
A.) Sewer.
B.) Stock room at the local Wal-Mart.
C.) Boarding house.

Find the answers and the next two clues this Friday on!

Here's the Answers to Clues #5 and 6:
Answer to Clue #5: Two of the Mystery Author’s most favorite writers are James Marshall and William Steig.

Answer to Clue #6: The Mystery Author prefers cats over dogs…and iguanas.

You can send your guess to anytime, but you can only guess once! And we will be posting 12 more clues until we post the final clue on April 21, 2010. Check here every Monday and Wednesday and check every Friday to find the remaining clues.

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In the meantime, be sure to read The Exquisite Corpse Adventure on Read.Gov! The most recent episode--Episode 14--was penned by Newbery medalist Linda Sue Park and illustrated by James Ransome.

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