Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tuck Everlasting Author Natalie Babbitt Writes Episode Eight of The Exquisite Corpse Adventure!! –live tomorrow on!!

Best praise ever! PBS Reading Rockets received the following message from one of many teachers using The Exquisite Corpse Adventure to excite kids about reading and writing-

“By the way, my second grade students were very disappointed they wouldn't be in school the day episode 8 arrives!  Thank you for all of this!  My students are very motivated and we are enjoying the Exquisite Corpse very much.  Happy Holidays!”

For all those kids, here is a sneak peek at Episode Eight, and kids you don’t have to wait—you can read it tomorrow at home on

From “A Possible Solution" by Natalie Babbitt:

“‘Who are you, you with the warning?’ cried the pig. ‘Let us see you!’
And so, from behind a bush, a crooked, bent old woman stepped out. She was wearing a cloak of black, and her hair was frizzy white around her creased and wrinkled face. “I am the voice,” she croaked, “but I don’t deserve the credit. I am only a reporter of possible things to come. I am Sybil Hunch, the local misfortune-teller. I was reading my crystal ball,” she told them, holding out a sphere of misty glass, “and it let me know there was trouble waiting . . . .”

“A Possible Solution” is illustrated by Timothy Basil Ering!  How cool is this crop from his eerie illustration!

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