Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Katherine Paterson- New National Ambassador for Children's Literature!!

Hurrah Katherine Paterson!! 
Thank you Jon Scieszka!

Today at the Library of Congress author Jon Scieszka will be applauded and honored for the remarkable work he has done these past two years spreading joy, delight, and an exuberant love of reading to children, young and old, as our nation's very first Ambassador for Children's Books.  With an ever present mischievous twinkle in his eye and an irrepressible spirit, Jon has traveled the length and breadth of our country inspiring young people, especially "reluctant" readers, to read everything from comic strips, to books, to electronic media. He has been so good as "the Ambassador" everyone in the children's book community has been wondering-- who could follow Jon, who could live up the standard he has created?!

Why Katherine Paterson, of course!!!!  Not only is Katherine one of the most honored and esteemed writers in the world, she has also been a life long advocate of peace, justice, universal literacy, and equal educational opportunities for all, especially as those issues relate to young people. She is every child's dream grandmother, and with great wit and warm charm embraces the world with an undying optimism.
She is the perfect choice to be the next New National Ambassador for Children's Literature!! 
Of course, we here at the National Children's Book and 
Literacy Alliance are a wee bit prejudiced as Katherine 
is a Vice-President and founding Board member 
of the NCBLA.

This morning, Katherine and Jon will meet 
privately with Dr. Billington, the Librarian of Congress, 
in his ceremonial office before Katherine is officially named 
as the new Ambassador.

We will report of today's events later today! 
But in the meantime, go to www.thencbla.org for more details!