Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Episode Six of the Exquisite Corpse Adventure Revealed on Friday!!!

Who is this Pig?
What does he want?
Where is he going?

Pat and Fred McKissack
say he is
"no ordinary pig!"

Will Joe and Nancy hide out in the Sick and Tired Circus?

Will the roller-skating Baby every change his foot-wear?
And where in the world is Professor Alastair Sloppy trapped!?

All will be revealed in the next episode of . . .

The Exquisite Corpse Adventure!

Read Episode Six of The Exquisite Corpse Adventure this Friday on the Library of Congress website!
Episode Six is written by that dynamic writing duo--Pat and Fred McKissack! Illustrated by none other than the extraordinarily talented James Ransome!
(The pig above is a crop from his illustration-- tantalized aren't you!?)

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