Thursday, December 24, 2009

Read "The Christmas Carol" Online!

"God Bless Us Everyone!" 

The Board and Staff of The National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance 
Wish You All a Delight-filled Holiday Season and Joyous New Year!

M.T. Anderson
Natalie Babbitt
Mary Brigid Barrett
Susan Cooper
Geri Eddins
Carol Greenwald
Nikki Grimes
Steven Kellogg
Mary Kemper
Stephanie Loer
Louis Laste
David Macaulay
Patricia MacLachlan
Patricia and Fredrick McKissack
Gregory Maguire
Grant Oliphant
Linda Sue Park
Katherine Paterson
Elizabeth Rock
and Sarah T.Truslow

We invite you read aloud and share books and family stories 
with your loved ones this holiday season! 
You can find a great version of The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens on the Library of Congress website, as well as many family classics!

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