Monday, April 23, 2012

In Case You Missed It!

Reading Teacher Shares How Classic Literature Enriches Students with Cultural Capital

In the New York Times editorial "Teach the Books, Touch the Heart," Manhattan teacher Claire Needell Hollander writes:

"As student test scores have become the dominant means of evaluating schools, I have been asked to calculate my reading enrichment program’s impact on those scores. I found that some students made gains of over 100 points on the statewide English Language Arts test, while other students in the same group had flat or negative results. In other words, my students’ test scores did not reliably indicate that reading classic literature added value. ... I MAY not be able to prove that my literature class makes a difference in my students’ test results, but there is a positive correlation between how much time students spend reading and higher scores. The problem is that low-income students, who begin school with a less-developed vocabulary and are less able to comprehend complex sentences than their more privileged peers, are also less likely to read at home."

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