Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bankstreet College of Education Announces Best Children's Books of the Year, 2012

Extensive Lists of Best Books 
Categorized by Age Group and 
Available in Easy-to-Print Format

THE CHILDREN’S BOOK COMMITTEE at the Bank Street College of Education strives to guide librarians, educators, parents, grandparents and other interested adults to the best books for children published each year. The all-volunteer committee includes educators, librarians, authors, parents and psychologists who share a passion for and expertise in the world of children’s literature. Young reviewers from all over the country, ages 2–18, read and evaluate many of our books as well.

In choosing books for the annual list, reviewers consider literary quality and excellence of presentation as well as the potential emotional impact of the books on young readers. Other criteria include credibility of characterization and plot, authenticity of time and place, age suitability, positive treatment of ethnic and religious differences, and the absence of stereotypes. Nonfiction titles are further evaluated for accuracy and clarity. Each book accepted for the list is read and reviewed by at least two committee members and then discussed by the committee as a whole.

  • Share your enjoyment of books with your child.
  • Talk over your reading.
  • Continue to read aloud to your child even after he or she reads independently.
  • Encourage your child to choose a book to read aloud to someone else.
  • Broaden your child’s horizons by helping to select from a wide range of subjects.
  • Encourage your child to read whatever he or she enjoys even if it appears to you to be too easy or too hard.
  • Let your child see your enjoyment of your own reading.
The best books are categorized by age group. To review the winners for each category, click here.  Each list of books is annotated and provided in a PDF file, making it easy for you to print and take to your local library or bookstore!