Monday, March 5, 2012

Reading Rockets Launches New Writing Challenge for K-12 Students

2012 Writing Challenge Prompts Inspired by Work of Edgar Rice Burroughs

The John Carter novel A Princess of Mars Is Available
to Read Online at Read.Gov

It has been 100 years since Edgar Rice Burroughs first introduced readers to his jungle hero Tarzan, as well as to John Carter, a hero whose Martian adventure hits the big screen this month in the new Disney film of the same name. 

Give K-12 readers the chance to learn more about Edgar Rice Burroughs and have a writing adventure of their own with the thought-provoking prompts in the Writer's Quest Writing Challange from Reading RocketsThe leveled prompts for the Writer's Quest contest are inspired by Burroughs — his distinctive styles, themes, and influences. The prompts ask young writers to stretch their imaginations by designing their own bookplate or by writing a travel brochure for Mars, a scifaiku, or the history of their hometowns.

The contest begins March 9 and ends May 4, 2012. Prizes include a collection of books, "John Carter" titles, T-shirts, and movie posters.

To read Burroughs' first John Carter novel, A Princess of Mars, in a scanned book format on the Library of Congress' website Read.Gov, click here