Friday, March 23, 2012

Presidential Trivia of the Week

Presidential Trivia Questions to Share
with the Young People in Your Life!

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Are YOU playing presidential trivia?! In honor of this year's presidential campaign, the NCBLA is posting three presidential trivia questions each week. Check out this week's questions and have fun sharing the questions and answers with the kids in your life!

This Week's Trivia Questions
  1. Which modern president is credited with passage of the Family Medical Leave Act?
  2. Who assumed the presidency upon President' Lincoln's assassination?
  3. Which president, in the wake of 9-11, took time off from his duties at the White House to throw the first pitch at a Major League Baseball playoff game in Yankee Stadium to show his support for New Yorkers?

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Answers and Information for Learning MORE!
  1. Bill Clinton. The Family Medical Leave Act requires companies to provide workers with up to three months of unpaid leave for family and medical emergencies. It was passed in 1993.  Learn more about Bill Clinton and his legacy in the Presidential Fact Files on
  2. Andrew Johnson. Johnson became president upon Lincoln's assassination. Interestingly, Johnson had not been Lincoln's first vice president. Hannibal Hamlin had served as vice president during Lincoln's first term, but was removed from the Republican ticket during Lincoln's reelection campaign. Johnson was selected to run as Lincoln's running mate for his second term because he was a southerner who had proven himself dedicated to healing the country. Indeed, he was the only southern Senator who opposed secession and also refused to relinquish his office as the southern states seceded. Learn more about Andrew Johnson and Abraham Lincoln in the Presidential Fact Files on
  3. George W. Bush. In the Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out article titled "The First Pitch," author Stephanie True Peters writes, "A month and a half after the terrorist attacks, New Yorkers were still learning to cope with the tragedy that had struck at the heart of their city. For many, the upcoming match was a welcome chance to focus on something positive. A home-game victory by their beloved Yankees would give them a boost like nothing else. President Bush recognized how important this game was to the morale of New Yorkers, and to the world." Be sure to read the entire article in Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out!
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