Friday, March 16, 2012

Presidential Trivia of the Week

Presidential Trivia Questions to Share
with the Young People in Your Life!

Illustration Copyright (c) 2008 Kevin Hawkes
Are YOU playing presidential trivia?! In honor of this year's presidential campaign, the NCBLA is posting three presidential trivia questions each week. Check out this week's questions and have fun sharing the questions and answers with the kids in your life!

This Week's Trivia Questions
  1. Which president was asked to aid a soldier who had lost a leg in battle by helping him get a job so he could support his family?
  2. Which president took in a family of mice he discovered in his White House bedroom as pets?
  3. Which first lady (who was often referred to as "Mrs. President" by her contemporaries) implored her husband to "remember the ladies" while he worked on the Declaration of Independence?
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Answers and Information for Learning MORE!
  1. Andrew Jackson. During his presidency, a citizen asked Jackson to assist a soldier who had lost his leg in battle by providing a job for him as a postmaster so that he could support his family. The gentleman insisted on informing Jackson that the soldier had voted against him. Jackson replied, “If he lost a leg fighting for his country, that is vote enough for me.” Learn more about Andrew Jackson in the Presidential Fact Files on
  2. Andrew Johnson. Heather Lang writes in "Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Wild Animals at the White House," "When Johnson discovered a family of mice in his bedroom, he didn’t set traps like some people would. Instead he took care of them, leaving them a basket of flour by the fireplace every night. He told his Secretary William Moore, 'The little fellows give me their confidence and I give them their basket and pour upon the hearth some water that they might quench their thirst.'” Read the entire article and learn about other presidential pets on
  3. Abigail Adams. Although Abigail was not formally educated, she was naturally curious and intelligent. She was an avid reader and took a sincere interest in politics. Abigail often gave her husband advice as he worked on the Declaration of Independence. She wrote in a letter to him in 1776, “Remember the ladies and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors! Do not put unlimited power into the hands of husbands.” Learn more about Abigail and the other first ladies in the NCBLA's First Lady Fact Files on
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