Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sneak Peek: Episode 22 Goes Live Friday, July 16th

Latest Exquisite Corpse Adventure Episode Written by Lemony Snicket

In our last episode of The Exquisite Corpse Adventure 21, by Linda Sue Park, our Cradle of Time occupants found the time travelers, Nancy, Joe, and Roberta, who now sported her legs. Only her head remained missing-the final piece of the Exquisite Corpse and the last thing standing in the way of Nancy and Joe finding their parents. After Nancy and Joe devoured a much needed meal, the gang took off to find Roberta's head and the doorway into another dimension.

In Episode 22 by Lemony Snicket, we meet Pirandello. Who is he? What's his job? Who shows up at his door? What do they find in the field?

Read the Episode and see James Ransome's colorful and fun illustrations at Read.gov!

Lemony Snicket writes screenplays and books for adults and children. He is the author of the bestselling dark and tragic children's stories, A Series of Unfortunate Events. Lemony says of his books, "...And it's moving to think that my books are doing that [inspiring re-reading] for some kids, and that I'm affecting literature without, you know, collecting weirdos."

Look for Lemony's books at your library or bookstore.

To learn more about Lemony Snicket, visit his website.

Stories illustrated by awarding winning author and illustrator James Ransome have been featured on Reading Rainbow and PBS. His artwork can be found in many media including murals, an historical painting, and a Board of Education poster. Find more of James' wonderful illustrations for the Exquisite Corpse Adventure in Episode 2, Episode 6, Episode 10, Episode 14, and Episode 18.

Some of James' works include:

Visit James' website for information on his books and illustrations.