Friday, July 2, 2010

Episode 21 Live Today, Friday, July 2nd

Latest Exquisite Corpse Adventure Episode Written by Linda Sue Park

In our last episode of The Exquisite Corpse Adventure 20, by Steven Kellogg, Nancy, Joe, and Roberta, the semi-put-together robot, were chasing Roberta's legs through time while their friends fought off aliens. Round one went to Hathi, Sybil, and Genius Kelly, the pig. However, alien reinforcements showed up and captured our valiant fighters. All seemed lost until Angel, the pirate, appeared in the Cradle of Time in the nick of time. The aliens retreated to fight another day and the gang headed out to find the time-traveling heroes.

In Episode 21 by Linda Sue Park, find out if the Cradle travelers find Nancy, Joe, and Roberta. How about Roberta's legs? Her head? And what about the door?

Read the Episode and see Chris Van Dusen's fun illustrations at!

A crop of Chris's Episode 21 illustration appears at top right.

Newbery winning author Linda Sue Park published her first piece in a magazine at age nine, but considers herself a reader first and a writer second. She writes novels, picture books, newspaper serials, and web-based books and card games.

Find her inspiring and heart-warming stories at your local library or bookstore.

To learn more about Linda Sue, visit her website.

Illustrator and author Chris Van Dusen is a big '50's and '60's fan. He says,"The colors, shapes and patterns were so bold and bright and it's fun to paint them in my illustrations." Find more of Chris's colorful illustrations for The Exquisite Corpse Adventure in Episode 1, Episode 5, Episode 9, Episode 13, and Episode 17.

Some of Chris' works include:

Visit Chris' website for more information on his books and illustrations.


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