Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Attention Teachers, Librarians, Homeschoolers, Parents, and Students!

Reading Rockets' Writing Challenge and Exquisite Corpse Online Educational Materials INSPIRE While Providing Reading, Writing, and Art Opportunities

Reading Rockets' fall writing challenge, Exquisite Prompt Redux, invites students in grades K-12 to write the ending to a cliffhanger, a review of a magical object purchased from The Fairy Tale Catalog, a poem in the voice of the Whinoceros, or the adventures of two time travelers!

Winners will be rewarded with online publication on, as well as collections of books, including at least one autographed title. The deadline for submitting entries is November 30. For complete information and contest rules, please visit

Teachers, librarians, homeschoolers, and parents interested in finding additional FREE reading, writing, and art educational support materials should check out the NCBLA's The Exquisite Corpse Adventure Education Resource Center. Designed to support The Exquisite Corpse Adventure, these extensive materials provide a gold mine of literacy articles, web resources, classroom activities, games, reading lists, art activities, discussion questions, many of which can be adopted for use with books, stories, and art beyond The Exquisite Corpse Adventure. You won't want to miss:
"A Guide to Progressive Stories" and "Creating Your Own Exquisite Corpse Story Adventure" for instructions on how you can create the magic of a progressive story game in your home, classroom, library, or next camping trip.
The "Literacy Resource Treasure Chest," which includes a list of authoritative articles, websites, blogs, and video interviews addressing a plethora of reading and writing topics. 
Exquisite Corpse episodic materials, which include thematic reading lists, classroom activities,  and art appreciation articles and activities. For example, the art activity for Episode 2 is titled "Wet Washes and Rich Color - Creating an Illustration Layer by Layer" and invites students to take a closer look at James Ransome's watercolor illustration then try the technique for themselves. Click here to check out this art lesson! Illustration at right (c)2009 James Ransome.

To learn more about The Exquisite Corpse Adventure, click here
Ask for The Exquisite Corpse Adventure at a bookstore or library near you!