Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out Encourages You to Involve Young People in this Year's Historic Presidential Election!

Get Your Cool Blue and Red Hot Presidential Candidates Stickers and Finish the OurWhite House: Looking In, Looking Out Presidential Timeline!!!

Barack Obama and John McCain! Who Will Be Our Next President?

The NCBLA asked talented illustrator Bob Kolar to design presidential candidate stickers of Barack Obama and John McCain to encourage young people, their parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers, and classmates to follow this historic presidential election together, talk about the result, and then download the candidate stickers from the Our White House website--- and finish the book by adhering the winning presidential candidate sticker to the last spot, NUMBER 44, on Bob Kolar amazing presidential timeline on pages 224 and 225 of Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out.

And have a great time guessing who all the other presidents are on the timeline, as well as the significance of the object they are holding! Because Bob Kolar's engaging timeline is a trivia game, too!

Bob Kolar has generously donated both his original Our White House illustration and the his candidate illustration to the NCBLA's Our White House book project that links literacy, historical literacy, promoting civic engagement----as have all of the 108 esteemed writers and illustrator contributors to Our White House! All royalties from the sale of Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out help the NCBLA continue its education and advocacy goals. Be sure and check out to find out about all kinds of presidential election information from the evolution of campaign buttons to how the electoral college works!

For Barack Obama and John McCain presidential candidate stickers go to:

To get more presidential election information, as well as election activities for young people, go to:

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