Saturday, November 8, 2008

David Macaulay Creates Cover Illustration for Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out!

Award Winning Author/Illustrator
David Macaulay
Shares Sketches of
Our White House:
Looking In, Looking Out
Book Jacket Cover at!

See the way David Macaulay thinks! Take a look at the visual evolution of Macaulay's wry and witty cover for the NCBLA publication Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out! Children of all ages find Macaulay's sketches fascinating. You can find Macaulay's preliminary sketches at the NCBLA's Our White House companion educational website

And after you check out David Macaulay's sketches, be sure to wander through the rest of the where you will find stories, poetry, historical resources, and much more!

The sketches you see here are copyrighted by David Macaulayand the NCBLA. To see many more of David Macaulay's preliminary Our White House sketches go to:

To explore the Our White House website, go to:

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