Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Exquisite Corpse Writing Activity

Write an Exquisite Corpse Story
Using Our Easy Instructions!

How does one write an exquisite corpse? Follow these instructions as provided in the NCBLA's Exquisite Corpse Adventure Education Resource Guide:
  1. Gather a group of people and sit in a circle or in a line so there is an order to pass around a piece of paper.
  2. Decide who is going to start. The first person to start (Author #1) writes a line (or several) of poetry at the top of the page. There are no guidelines regarding content, unless the group has decided upon a theme. The written form of Exquisite Corpse requires an initial agreement about sentence structure. A common form of a sentence created might be: article, adjective, noun, verb, article, adjective, noun.
  3. Author #1 folds back the paper from the line or lines he or she wrote, making sure no one else can read it when looking at the paper.
  4. Author #1 passes the paper to Author #2. 
  5. Author #2 writes another line unaware of what Author #1 has written. Author #2 folds over the section of paper that she or he wrote on and passes the paper to the next author.
  6. Each participant takes a turn writing, and then folding the paper, in order to hide what they have written. The paper can be cycled through a second round, if there is space left on the paper.
  7. When everyone has had a turn (or two), unfold the paper and have someone read the body of work that has been created.

For more fun activities and resources regarding the exquisite corpse art form, visit the NCBLA's Exquisite Corpse Adventure Education Resource Guide!

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