Wednesday, January 16, 2013

CONTEMPORARY HISTORY: Engage Kids in Monday's Presidential Inauguration

Print Our Inaugural "I SPY" Scorecard
for Inauguration Day
See How Many Political Luminaries
You and Your Kids Can "Spy"

Looking for a way to engage your kids in Monday's inaugural ceremonies? Check out our easy-to-print "I SPY" Presidential Inauguration Scorecard!

Watch the inauguration January 21st, live on TV or the Internet, and have your kids identify, then check, the important "players" taking part in this year's inaugural ceremonies. 

The three-page scorecard includes names, descriptions, and photographs of the president and his family, the vice president and his wife, the Chief Justice, and the leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Also included are photographs and descriptions of four significant Washington, D.C. landmarks. See if you and your kids can find them all during the broadcast. 

Encourage kids to write down the names of other politicians, entertainers, and celebrities they see on the backside of their scorecard. See who can "spy" the most number of people! If you are unable to watch the inaugural ceremonies live, then watch what you can later that evening on the news or on YouTube. 

To print the Inaugural "I SPY" Scorecard, click here.

To download the Scorecard from the Scribd document-sharing website, click here.

And don't forget to check out the complete contents of the Our White House Inauguration Celebration Kit for Kids on  

The Inauguration Celebration Kit includes:

  • Exclusive articles covering such topics as why President Obama will be sworn in twice, presidential speech writing, the oath of office, inaugural parades, and how technology has transformed participation in Inauguration Day.

  • Hands-on activities to use with young people in the classroom or at home, such as ideas for designing a parade float, hosting an inaugural ball for kids, writing poetry, understanding the inaugural speech, and illustrating political cartoons.

  • Games to engage kids in the inauguration, such as "Inaugural I SPY" and "Pin the President on the Presidential Timeline."
  • Discussion questions you can share during class, around the dinner table, and at a Scout or club meeting.
  • So much more!

To visit the Inauguration Celebration Kit, click here.

Some of the ideas and activities provided in the Kit coordinate with the content and illustrations in the interdisciplinary anthology Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out. Although most of the activities can be used independently of the book, Our White House is a perfect resource for engaging young people in American History, current events, and politics. To learn more about Our White House, click here.

Ask for Our White House at a library or bookstore near you!