Thursday, July 5, 2012

Free Summer Entertainment Abounds

Discover the World at Your Local Library this Summer

"Art from Chicago's Streets" Exhibit at Chicago Public Library.
Wall mural by Brooks Golden; photo by Nicolette Caldwell.
Libraries across the nation are sponsoring a treasure trove of events this summer for people of all ages. From art and history exhibitions to job hunting workshops, from pajama time storytelling hour to language classes, you are bound to discover a class or event--or even a book--to spark the imagination of all members of your family this summer!

Read below for a sample of library happenings across the country. For ideas about how to make the most out of a library visit with your family, check out the NCBLA's article, "An Affordable Family Night Out: Visit Your Neighborhood Public Library."

At the Boston Public Library through November 10 is the timely exhibition America Votes: Mapping the Political Landscape, which features approximately 30 maps, political cartoons, photographs, and other graphic images that date from the 1780s to the present. The display begins with an exploration of gerrymandering—two hundred years of manipulating political districts for partisan objectives—and includes maps illustrating the extension of the vote to non-property owners, blacks, and women. America Votes also features multiple election results maps, with examples ranging from several early efforts to the most recent campaigns.

The Chicago Public Library is offering a lecture series titled Law at the Library, to be presented by the Library and the Chicago Bar Association. The monthly lectures are ongoing and include topics such as estate planning, adoption, and starting a small business. And Chicago's Harold Washington Library Center is currently exhibiting Art from Chicago's Streets: Featuring a Large-Scale Installation, Unauthorized Objects and Graffiti Magazines through August 10. 

Los Angeles
The Los Angeles Public Library is sponsoring the ALOUD series, featuring lectures, readings, performances, and discussions bringing together today's brightest cultural, scientific, and political luminaries with the curious minds of Los Angeles. Upcoming programs include Sapphire, author of The Kid: A Novel; Flavor Forward: A Taste of Downtown L.A.; and Newer Poets. 

What's happening at YOUR local library?!