Monday, January 9, 2012

Help Kids Connect with the 2012 Presidential Campaign!

Our White House Book and Website Provide Resources to Help Adults Who Live and Work with Kids Connect Them with Current Events

All eyes are on New Hampshire this week as that state's voters go to the polls tomorrow to vote in their primary election for the Republican party's presidential nominee. Parents, homeschoolers, guardians, teachers, librarians, and other adults who live and work with kids can help our nation's children understand and connect with the presidential campaign using the award-winning anthology Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out!

In Our White House, marvel at Calef Brown's painting "Freedom of Speech" and discuss the impact of this freedom on this year's presidential campaign with the young people in your life. Read Rocket Boys author Homer Hickam's account of meeting John F. Kennedy on the campaign trail in "The White House, the Moon, and a Coal Miner's Son." Read Natalie Babbitt's essay "Seven from Ohio," which ponders why so many presidents have hailed from that midwestern state and discuss the home states and experiences of each of the Republican candidates...are the candidates' states representative of the nation as a whole? How has each candidate's life, political, and private sector experiences prepared them for the presidency?

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On the companion educational site, you and the kids in your life can learn how long it took to expand the right to vote in "Who Gets to Vote?" and discover how the electoral college works in "Getting the Votes and Getting Elected: The Popular Vote vs. the Electoral College." Learn about our country's history of presidential campaigns in "Persuading the People: Campaigning for President." And have fun reading about the original campaign "button" in "From Buttons to Pins: Campaign Tokens Evolve."

Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out is a masterpiece of poetry and prose, art and photography, created by over 100 of America's most gifted storytellers and artists as a project of the National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance designed to encourage young people to read more about America’s rich history and culture; to think more about America’s future; to talk more about our nation’s leadership; and to act on their own beliefs and convictions, ensuring this great democratic experiment will survive and thrive. Our White House is available in both paperback and hardcover from Candlewick Press.

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