Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In Case You Missed It!

New York Times Article Profiles Author and Illustrator Tomi Ungerer

In the New York Times article "An Author Embodies His Books' Childlike Spirit," journalist Pamela Paul interviews Tomi Ungerer, author and illustrator of books for children and adults. When asked if there is an overriding message in his children's books, Ungerer answers, "Yes, possibly. Every human being has something the others don’t have. That makes him an individual. You should be aware of your differences and exploit them. This is why I often use animals that everyone hates — a snake, a vulture, a bat — in my books. All those animals are redeemed by the fact that they had appendages or qualities the others didn’t have. In the end they become the heroes."
Click here to read the complete article. Learn more about Tomi Ungerer and his work on his website.