Monday, February 14, 2011

Celebrate Presidents’ Day Throughout February

Libraries, Websites, and Books Offer Fun Learning Opportunities During Presidents' Month

Presidents’ Day is February 21. How can we share stories of the American presidency with our children?  Check out the following resources for multiple ideas to help you and the young people in your life take a closer look at all our presidents. 

Visit a Presidential Historic Site or Library
More than twenty states boast presidential birthplaces, historic homes, libraries, and museums. The NCBLA's educational website offers a comprehensive guide to finding these fabulous places, listed by state in "Field Trip Guide! Presidential Birthplaces, Houses, and Libraries."

Check Out Special Activities at Local Museums
Many presidential libraries and museums are offering child-friendly and family-oriented activities to commemorate Presidents’ Day. The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston is hosting a week-long celebration beginning Thursday, February 19, which will include "You Be the President" interactive activity, a live webcast of "The Presidency of JFK: A 50-Year Retrospective," "Tales from African Traditions," and other events. Click here to view the complete calendar.

Read, Research, Question, Learn!
Delve deeper into America's past in the NCBLA's art and literature anthology Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out, available at bookstores and libraries near you!

Check out children's literature expert Maria Salvadore’s extensive list of book and website recommendations online in "Presidents, the President’s House, and More: A Select List of Books (and a Few Web Sources) for Children and Young Adults."

Discover what you might have in common with American presidents and what unusual critters have resided in the White House with them in "Presidents Are People Too!" and "Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My" both by Heather Lang

Review classroom activities and resources in "Great Presidents" on

Play a Game of Presidential Trivia!
Do you know which president was the first to live in the White House? (Hint: It wasn’t George Washington!) Do you know which president served the shortest term? (Hint: He was president for 31 days in 1841.) Do you know which presidents have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?
Make up your own presidential trivia game by digging into amazing Presidential Facts. Find the answers to these questions and make up even more questions using the essays about presidential job requirements, campaigns, and PETS—all on the NCBLA's educational website!