Monday, December 6, 2010

In Case You Missed It!

Children's Book Champion 
Anita Silvey 
Picks Top Ten Children's Books of 2010 for The Boston Globe!

"Although I admired many books for young readers in 2010, these 10 exemplified “the unique factor.’’ All combine the highest standards of art and writing; when introduced by an enthusiastic adult, they connect with young readers. Children’s books that adults admire but that children also find meaningful have always been the most difficult to create. The authors and artists of these works accomplish that feat in very different and original ways." from "Top Ten Children's Books of 2010" by Anita Silvey, The Boston Globe.

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Anita has also created a delight-filled and vital new blog of interest to parents, teachers, librarians-- everyone  who wants kids reading great books that entertain, inform, and inspire!

While you have your morning coffee, check Anita's "Children's Book-A-Day Almanac!" It will rev you up to meet your kids with enthusiasm much more than any morning caffeine! Hip- hurrah!!

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Anita Silvey is a children's literature expert and the author of 100 Best Books for Children and 500 Great Books for Teens.  Silvey has devoted 35 years to promoting books that will turn the young -- and families -- into readers. To do this she has appeared frequently on NPR, "The Today Show," "60 Minutes," and radio programs in the United States and Canada to talk about books for children and teenagers. As Publisher's Weekly has said "It would be hard to find a more authoritative voice than Anita Silvey." To find out more about Anita and her incredible body of work, go to: