Monday, October 25, 2010

Watch the Exquisite Corpse Adventure Readers' Theatre Video

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Video of The Exquisite Corpse Adventure 
Readers Theatre Presentation

At this year's National Book Festival held on the Mall in Washington D.C., five members of The Exquisite Corpse Adventure's exceptionally talented crew of authors and illustrators joined NCBLA President and Executive Director Mary Brigid Barrett for a dramatic Readers' Theatre production of the final episode of The Exquisite Corpse Adventure. Written and directed by our National Ambassador for Young People's Literature, Katherine Paterson, the production featured the dramatic personalities of:

M. T. Anderson
Timothy Basil Ering
Linda Sue Park
Katherine Paterson

What Is The Exquisite Corpse Adventure?
The Exquisite Corpse Adventure is a national reading and writing outreach project created by the NCBLA and the Library of Congress.  The Exquisite Corpse Adventure is a progressive story game just like the one many families play on road trips, at camps, at parties, at home when there is a power outage. It is a game where one person begins a story, stops at a cliffhanging moment, and the next person picks it up, continuing on until everyone in the group has the opportunity to contribute. And just like in those games, in The Exquisite Corpse, characters spontaneously erupt out of our authors’ imaginations; plots lines tumble forth, some realized, some lost; and we are often poised at the edge of a cliff with no logical solution in sight!
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Just for fun! Here are a few episode teasers for Exquisite Corpse novices:
Episode 1: Will our heroes Nancy and Joe prevent a deadly explosion?
Episode 2: Will Nancy and Joe find the lost clue?
Episode 3: Can the twins outwit a narcoleptic clown?
Episode 4: Can a roller-skating baby help our heroes find their parents?
Episode 5: What intimate secrets are revealed to Nancy and Joe?
Episode 6: Can a talking pig explain everything before Boppo wakes up?
Episode 7: Will Nancy, Joe, Genius Kelly, and Baby Max escape death?
Episode 8: What does the misfortune teller learn from her crystal ball?
Episode 9: What vital clue is illuminated when lightning strikes? 
Episode 10: Can the twins solve the riddle posed by the disembodied voice?
Episode 11: What challenge awaits Joe in the bottom of the sea?
Episode 12: Will the twins solve the mystery of the Cradle of Time?
Episode 13: What mysterious object is discovered in Joe and Nancy’s past?
Episode 14: Can Nancy and Joe escape the Monster Wolf’s jaws?
Episode 15: Will the twins ignore their hunger to search for Roberta’s parts?
Episode 16: Do Boppo’s meatballs poison Nancy?
Episode 17: How do Roberta’s new brain and heart transform her?    
Episode 18: What do our heroes learn by eavesdropping on the aliens?
Episode 19: Can Nancy keep Monster Wolf from ripping Roberta into pieces?
Episode 20: Will an elephant, pig, and misfortune teller stall an alien attack?
Episode 21: When will our famished heroes finally get something to eat?!
Episode 22: Will Pirandello’s life be transformed by a bag of gummy bears?
Episode 23: Can the twins find Roberta’s head before all her circuits blow?
Episode 24: What do the twins discover in a store in the woods?
Episode 25: Will Joe and Nancy save themselves . . . or their parents?
Episode 26: Will the Sloppy family ever be reunited?
Episode 27: Will the Sick and Tired Circus combust in a train crash?