Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sneak Peek: Episode 25 Goes Live Friday, August 27th!

Latest Exquisite Corpse Adventure Episode Written by Jack Gantos!

In our last episode of The Exquisite Corpse Adventure 24 by Natalie Babbitt, Nancy, Joe, and Genius Kelly, the pig, traipsed through the woods in search of the shop that sold doors. They reached the shop and met the proprietor, Doris. At the mention of Nancy and Joe's surname, Sloppy, the backroom of the shop exploded with the sound of doors slamming over and over. A mysterious voice yelled at a closed blue door. Nancy inspected the door and found a brass mail slot with her father's initials on it. As she reached to open the blue door, the voice boomed that it would be the end of her if she tried.

Episode 25 by Jack Gantos, what oozes out of the mail slot? Where does Genius Kelly go? What's up with Pirandello's door?

Read the Episode and see Chris Van Dusen's colorful illustrations at Read.gov!

A crop of Chris' Episode 25 illustration appears at top right.

Award winning author Jack Gantos writes picture books and middle grade and adult novels. He says the seeds for his writing career were planted in the sixth grade when he read his sister's diary and decided he could write better. In high school he knew he would be a writer and in college began in earnest.

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"Dr. Seuss and Robert McCloskey were my heroes," says author and illustrator Chris Van Dusen. "I loved the rhythm of Dr. Seuss' words and I was fascinated by the meticulous details of Robert McCloskey's illustrations. I had no idea back then that I'd end up writing and illustrating children's books when I grew up."

You can find examples of Chris' fun illustrations in Episode 1, Episode 5, Episode 9, Episode 13, Episode 17, and Episode 21.

Some of Chris' works include:

Visit Chris' website for more information on his books and illustrations.