Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Celebrate Librarians!!!

Hurrah for Cindy DiRusso at the O'Neil branch of the Cambridge Public Library in Cambridge, Massachusetts!

"Sitting under the paper ice-cream cones hanging from the ceiling, DiRusso leads the group in “Open, Shut Them,’’ which always begins her weekly, half-hour sing-alongs at the O’Neill branch of the Cambridge Public Library.

DiRusso, 51, has been doing her songfests at O’Neill, formally or informally, for 28 years. Neither snow nor rain nor heat has kept her from her appointed rounds of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat’’ - only vacations, holidays, the occasional illness, and two maternity leaves." The Boston Globe

Librarians across the country dedicate years of service to children and literacy, and like our teachers, their gifts are often unappreciated by our culture and unacknowledged. It was refreshing to wake up this morning and find a photo and article on the front page of The Boston Globe's "Metro" section, celebrating the career and gifts of Cindy DiRusso. The NCBLA joins in the applause of Ms. DiRusso and hopes the Globe continues to feature articles on teachers and librarians and their invaluable work.

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