Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Our White House Hosts First Ever Poetry Slam!

President and Mrs. Obama are hosting an evening of poetry and jazz music at the White House! Hurrah! You can share the wonderful original poetry and art in the NCBLA's award-winning publication Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out with the young people in your life and host your own poetry reading at home, in school, and in your neighborhood library!

In Our White House you will find poems by Jack Prelutsky, Lee Bennet Hopkins, Jane Yolen, Paul B. Janeczko, Kate Di Camillo, Nancy Willard, and more! Find Our White House at you local library or bookstore and enjoy!

Sidebar! -- James Earl Jones will be participating in the White House Poetry Slam. Mary Brigid Barrett, NCBLA president and executive director, often joined James Earl Jones on the road giving presentations at educational outreach literacy rallies hosted by Verizon offices across the country, raising awareness of literacy challenges and recruiting literacy volunteers. The rallies were a great success. Mr. Jones is a passionate champion of universal literacy. He shared that as a boy he had a pronounced stutter, and it was his mother- reading poetry aloud, and encouraging him to read and recite poetry-- who helped him to overcome his stutter. He was not only a huge draw at the rallies, but an inspiration.

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