Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The White House has a New Top Dog!

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White House Pets

Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out!!!

Sasha and Malia are welcoming a new pet, Bo Diddley, a Portuguese water dog, to the White House. In the NCBLA's award-winning publication
Our White House:
Looking In, Looking Out
renowned author/illustrator Steven Kellogg traces the amazing line of White House pets, starting with George Washington's hounds, with wonderful prose and vibrant illustrations.

Find a Our White House:
Looking In, Looking Out
at your local library and book store and use a young person's interest in White House pets as a springboard to introducing them to more stories about our Presidents and their families and the rich heritage of our nation's history!

And be sure to check out the NCBLA's companion education website to Our White House--- http://www.ourwhitehouse.org-/- to find more stories, historical resources, and lots of ideas that will excite kids about American History!

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