Wednesday, January 7, 2009

NCBLA helps Promote Family Literacy on ABC's Good Morning America!

The National Children's Book and Literacy Alliance, with Kind Assistance from the American Library Association, Facilitates a Family Literacy Segment on ABC's Good Morning America!!!

The "Family Literacy" segment on Good Morning America featured a great grandad from Rancho Cucamongo in California who, inspired by his daughter and his dedicated literacy tutor, reads a holiday story, for the first time, to his beloved grandchild! The NCBLA would like to thank Dale Lipschultz at ALA Chicago's office, and Carla Lehn, from the Library Development Service office at the California State Library for all their help in making this happen!

And thank you to
Lisa Fletcher and the weekend crew at ABC's Good Morning America for creating this wonderful segment, hopefully inspiring many families to address literacy and low literacy challenges, and inspire more volunteers to become literacy tutors!

If you missed this moving story, you can go to the ABC News website to view it at:

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