Monday, October 27, 2008

You Finish Our White House!!

Involve Kids and Teens in This Year's Historic Election!

Finish the Presidential Timeline in Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out!

Bob Kolar's double page spread illustration at the end of Our White House Looking In, Looking Out is both a trivia game and a presidential timeline. The last space was left blank to give readers the chance to finish the book themselves---a great opportunity to involve young people in this remarkable race to the presidency. Adults and kids can discuss the election results together and complete the presidential timeline in Our White House!

Go to enter the site and click on the red Presidential Candidate sticker at the top of the page. Follow the directions on the sticker page and finish Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out! And while you are on the site: explore!

Remember read about the election in newspapers and news magazines in both traditional and electronic formats and discuss the election results with the young people in your life!

Literacy + Historic Literacy = Civic Engagement!

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