Friday, March 7, 2008

Family Field Trip: Whitney Biennial

Expand Your Kids' Imaginations:
Take them to the Whitney Biennial Art Exhibit!

Interaction with literature and the arts not only make for a "well rounded" young person, but also help young people to develop critical and creative thinking. This week the Whitney Museum in New York City opens its 78th Annual /Biennial show which features the work of 80 contemporary artists----paintings, sculpture, prints, installations, film and much more. Don't worry if your knowledge of art is minimal---go, take the kids, look, listen, look some more, and most importantly---talk about what you see! Ask your kids what and why they like or dislike different pieces. Remember, in art there are no right or wrong answers as to what you should like or dislike! See if your kids can figure out how each piece is made, and why an artist chose a particular material or medium, like painting, or film, to create his or her work. When you get home encourage your kids to experiment, to try and create their own work of art!

And if you cannot get to the Whitney--- visit the art museum closest to your home town. It is never to early to take your kids to see art---they will be delighted and you will so enjoy seeing their wonder! And check your local library before you go; many libraries offer free family passes to your local museums!

F0r information about the Whitney Museum of Art go to:

Read in The New York Times about the Whitney Biennial:

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