Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter Roundup

Harry Potter books have been delivered to many books stores, stored away in boxes in deep security lest someone leak any tidbit prior to the official sale date next weekend. If you are feeling the pangs of Pottermania the media is awash in with information from Potterville, frivolous and serious:

Harry Potter and Young People's Literacy: Has Pottermania created lifelong readers?

An interesting article on Harry Potter's American Editor Arthur Levine and a follow-up online interview go to:

For the ultimate Pottermania experience check out The Guardian's Speical Report at:,,520918,00.html

What will be the next mega hit Potter-like book?,,2101080,00.html

Saw the movie last night at midnight with my 18 year old son and a lively audience of high school and college students at out neighborhood cinema. It's dark and moody and all thought the screen writer had done good with the longest book of the series. Parents take note; it is not a movie for young children or even young elementary children.

Movie reviews:

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